Friday, 17 June 2011

And The Winner Is...!

Just a few short weeks ago I decided that the time had come to host my first ever blog giveaway. It was a VERY exciting step for me, and I wasn't without my doubts! What if no one entered? What if I messed it up in some unfathomable way? In taking this step I hoped that I would at least gain a few entries, but I certainly never expected the kind of response which this giveaway received! 

I am thrilled to announce that the giveaway received a total of 110 entries from 36 individual entrants! Before I get down to the focus of this post - announcing the winner - I want to say a heartfelt thank you to each and every person who took the time to stop by and visit my little corner of Etsy, Facebook and Twitter pages, and of course to enter the giveaway! I have looked forward to this day with growing impatience ever since the opening of the giveaway! I am so happy to finally announce that the winner of the decoupaged hairbrush of their choice is....

... Liz! 

Liz entered earlier this morning, in the last few hours of the giveaway being open! It's always worth entering, even at the last minute! Congratulations on your win, Liz! I'll be emailing you very soon so that you can claim your prize, with the option to have it personalized if you wish! 

And for those who didn't win? Don't worry, I haven't forgotten you! As a sign of my appreciation to all my lovely blog readers, I have a runner up prize - a 10% discount on any purchase from The Present Day! In order to claim your discount, just enter the code GIVEAWAY1706 at the checkout! In celebration of the amazing 110 entries received in this giveaway, the discount code will be valid for 110 days, ending on Wednesday 5th October 2011! So make sure you use it before then!

Many thanks once again to each and every person who entered my giveaway. You're all awesome! <3

- Suzi

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