Friday, 27 May 2011


Do you ever feel that sense of nostalgia when you see typewriters? My mother sometimes tells me of how she used a typewriter when she first began her career as a secretary. Now I sit here at my computer with a flat keyboard, a mere fraction of the size of the average typewriter! Although I can't say that I'd rather be using a typewriter right now (it's blogging abilities are limited!), I do love to use old typewriters - there's something special about them! For years my grandfather had one, and I used to sneak up to his office to try it out. I can remember the clacking of the keys and the feeling of fascination that the typewriter held for a 7 year old child. As a small tribute to those memories, today I would like to share this treasury with you all. Perhaps it may stir up some memories of your own!

Once again, the treasury is dynamic, so click on the pictures to see the listing in more detail!

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